The entire Netherlands in Minecraft: GeoCraftNL

Holland kaart

The Netherlands in 1000 billion Minecraft blocks!

Minecraft IP:

   Amsterdam, Netherlands. /warp amsterdam

What is GeoCraftNL?

The GeoCraft server, a Minecraft server owned by the science centre GeoFort, is a server in which the entire country of the Netherlands has been generated. Every school, library, police station, fire station, and all other buildings, including houses are generated. Anyone can join in our quest to build this virtual version of the Netherlands. Using commands and tools provided by GeoCraft you can find your house and other locations effortlessly. Read more about those command here (Dutch).

During “het jaar van de ruimte” (the year of space) Geo-ICT company Geodan translated the X, Y and Z coordinates of all the buildings in the Netherlands, delivered by Kadaster and Rijkswaterstaat, into Minecraft. To see all the partners that have taken part in this great endeavour, click here (Dutch).

How does GeoCraftNL work?

GeoFort has come up with a smart tool which enables you to go to every spot within the virtual version of the Netherlands with no effort. All you have to do is type an address. The command that we use to teleport to any given address in the Netherlands is /gc <adress>. If you want to go GeoFort, all you have to do is type in the chat: /gc Nieuwesteeg 74 Herwijnen or /gc 4171KG 74.

If you want to know where you are, you can use the command: /waarbenik (or the English alias: /whereami). Using that command will show you the address where you are currently at in Minecraft on your computer screen, along with a google maps link.

   Rotterdam, Netherlands. /warp rotterdam

Big Data

The Netherlands is generated in a one to one scale in GeoCraft. That means that every Minecraft block in GeoCraft with the dimensions 1 meter by 1 meter by 1 meter represents a building block in the real Netherlands with the same dimensions.  The landarea of the Netherlands is about 50.000 square kilometres. Below the surface there are an average of 20 blocks (the average height of the Dutch landscape is about eight meters). Considering all the above we have 1000 billion Minecraft blocks and that numbers doesn’t include the blocks used for all the houses in the Netherlands.

Partners of GeoCraftNL